6-2 Kittyhawks


Use this link to see all School Policies, found in the Student Agenda Book.

All specific guidelines for BYOD Dos and Dont’s are on the BYOD Contract
Students may answer messages on their device during lunch

Grading Weights
50% Majors (unit tests, projects)
40% Minors (quizzes, classwork)
10% Homework

Grading Scale
A 90 -100
B 80 – 89
C 70 – 79
D 60 – 69
F 59 and below

Students can retake any Unit Test (major) upon completing the following steps;

  1. Getting a Re-Take Slip on their own from the folder in the room
  2. Completing test corrections
    1. Parent signature
  3. Completing the specific steps listed on the ticket

Retakes will be offered after school on Wednesdays. Students with missing work for that unit will not qualify for a Re-Take. The Re-Take grade will replace the current grade, higher or lower.

Students can redo a Unit Project (major) upon completing the following steps;

  1. Use the Grading Rubric to redo areas that they scored low
  2. Set up a time with teacher to turn in the new project within a week of getting the original grade
  3. Student must have the original rubric to get their new grade

Late Work
Students may turn in Minors up to 3 days late for 10% off with a parent signature.
Students may turn in Homework up to 1 day late for 10% off with a parent signature.

Students may no carry book bags around once they receive their locker. Students may get a Pine Hollow string bag to carry PE clothes from their locker.